Impact/flotation vest: in all water sports it is always advisable to make special attention to safety aspects. We always suggest the use of an impact jacket in high speed water sports such as kiteboarding, windsurfing, wakeboarding, jetski, waterskiing etc. This impact vest is specifically designed for kitesurfing and windsurfing, water sports where you use a harness, but can be used in all other water sports. It's key features are flexibility and lightweight, so it is very comfortable. Besides being obligatory in most beaches around the world, an impact vest protects you from violent impacts with water or hard objects on the beach (rocks; sand; walls; poles etc.) For beginners it is very helpful when trying the first waterstarts. As a beginner you will spend more time in the water. The impact jacket will give you more buoyancy, and help you waste less energy in swimming. The lower part of the jacket is thinner so that is comfortably fits under your harness. It has double velcro closure on both sides and it can be worn both with a waist or seat harness. Unique feature on this model is the system used to keep the vest from riding up. Pass the two side straps under your harness, clip the buckels and tighten. The vest will keep low, as if it was part of your harness. Even if these characteristics are specific for kite and windsurfing, the vest can be used for any other water sport. Even though the impact jacket provides extra flotation, it has to be considered a buoyancy aid (pfd) and not a life jacket.

Price: 79.90€

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Reel Leash: reel leash with 3 metre (9.8feet) retractable chord that will let you move around without getting in your way when riding or attempting maneuvers.  Its elastic shock cord absorbs the initial pull on a fall, the leash strap unrolls, preventing the board from coming back right at you. The use of a helmet is still recommended. This leash is also a useful tool for those who prefer not being leashed to their board while kitesurfing. This new leash will help you keep your board around when your kite is down and you are trying to relaunch it, no more time wasted to body drag to your board. Just clip on the snap hook to your board when needed, and unclip it when you do not want to be attached to your board. The chord will reel in, getting out of the way, without causing any drag. Click on tumbnails to enlarge.

Price: 54.99€

Helmet Certified for water sports ( kiteboarding, windsurf, wakeboarding, kayak, rafting ecc ): 

The helmet has an extremely good fit because of the variable settings at the chin and -very important- at the back of the head. The special soft heat pressed EVA foam protects the head and is extremely lightweight. You almost don't feel the helmet while wearing it. It is one of the lightest helmets on the market and the weight is only 400 grams! Furthermore the has removable, integrated earmuffs. Features: ABS outer shell, Aerodynamic 11-vents Shell Design, heat pressed soft EVA impact absorption liner, comfortable shock resistance, adjustable chin and back-of-head fittings, removable molded soft EVA close ear protector, ergo covered soft EVA ear shell. CE EN 1385 Water Sport Safety Standard.


Size  M  53,5-56cm (head circumference)

Size  L   55,5-58cm (head circumference)

Size XL  57,5-60cm (head circumference)




Price: 55

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XTRM Helmet: this helmet features an adjustable size system that can easily fit any head from xs to xxl. No need to wonder what size your head is, you just need to adjust the strap to your liking. This is an excellent feature which allows you to wear extra layering on your head during the coldest months. The xtrm helmet by 3-d kiteboarding, is one of the best helmets on  the market. It is manufactured 100% in the eu using high quality materials that ensure maximum protection yet maintaining a weight of just 340g. Protection is ensured by a polycarbonate shell moulded with a shock absorber with convenient total high flow ventilation. The channels on its surface allow water to flow eliminating drag when you are being carried underwater. It is comfortable and ergonomic thanks to a 7mm removable and adjustable neoprene inner lining. Maximum protection is ensured by the ear guards which, unlike on other helmets, are comfortable and thanks to their shape they do not impede hearing. If you use our sunglasses while riding, you will notice that you can still comfortably wear them under this helmet, without the sticks being pressed hard against your head.This helmet was specifically designed for kiteboarding/windsurfing, but it is ideal for all watersports, and is the only one which is also certified for winter sports CEE 1077!!! You won't need to get 2 helmets… just use this one in summer on water, and in winter on snow!!!! You can choose between two different colours, Carbon Black or Titanium Grey. Click on thumbnails to enlarge.



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Gath Helmet: this is absolutely the best helmet on the market. This is not only a technically advanced helmet, with a high density injection moulded shell; certified to CE EN 1385 water sport safety standard; full surround interior fit system; but it is also one of the coolest helmets you could possibly buy. This helmet has been specifically designed for watersports, therefore it floats and is very light, only 300g!!! The interior padding is washable and does not absorb water so it remains light. The water channels on its surface allow water to flow eliminating drag when you are being carried underwater. This model provides full protection even the ears, thanks to the removable ear protectors. The ear protectors have vents that can be opened or closed in colder weather. You can also fit an optional Smoked visor (not included). The helmet is ideal for all water sports, kite boarding; windsurfing; wakeboarding; kayak; rafting etc. The interior padding covering the inside of the shell is more advanced than that on previous models, it is made of Dual Density EVA and portions of the EVA Liner are cut thicker to cushion the head around the crown. Colours available: Blue, Silver & Rubber Black.


Size   55-57cm (head circumference)

Size    58-59cm (head circumference)

Size XL  60-61cm (head circumference)


Price: 99

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