We offer various methods of payment in order to meet every client's need. You only need to choose your preferred method of payment in the checkout procedure. Please proceed with the payment as soon as possible in order to speed up shipping times. If payment is not received within seven days, the order is cancelled, and the goods are made available for other customers. However if for any reason you need more time to proceed with the payment, please just send us an e-mail so that we do not cancel your order. We do listen to our customers and reply to emails as quickly as possible, so if you are having problems please let us know. We accept bank transfers; credit cards; you can choose the method of payment preferred when you checkout your order. We do not accept cash on delivery.

All payments must be sent in euros with shared mode. We suggest and prefer this method of payment. We will send our account details at the moment of purchase.




We accept all major credit cards safely through paypal. Once you choose paypal as method of payment, you will be guided step by step throughout the checkout procedure. If you have a paypal account you will be asked to login and continue with the payment. If you have no paypal account you can still proceed securely with payment through paypal even without a registration. Your order will only be charged when items are ready to be shipped. We have a purchasing limit of 200 euros for paypal payments. Once your order exceeds this sum, please choose one of the other methods. If your order exceeds 200€ and you still prefer to pay by credit card, please contact us in advance.















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