In this section you will find a selection of anemometers. Whether you want the most basic anemometer measuring only wind speed, or complete portable weather stations, with hygrometer, altimeter, thermometer, compass etc. you will certainly find it here. These are all ideal instruments for those of you who need to know the exact wind force in their sports. Whether you practice kiteboarding, windsurfing, sailing, paragliding or any other wind sport, this is what you've been looking for. These are precision instruments that will give you extra safety and confidence in your sport. No more doubts on which sail or kite to set up, or on whether you should consider setting up at all.

Windmaster 2: this anemometer measures current wind speed, average wind speed, maximum wind speed (intensity of gusts). The cup principle eliminates the need of orienting the device as measurements are obtained irrespective of wind direction. A major benefit in practical use that provides accurate readings at any time. The anemometer can be handheld, or it can be mounted on a tripod (not included) thanks to the thread on the bottom of its housing. By a simple click of a button, you may change from one unit to the other (knots; m/s; Kmh; mph), and readings are always clear on the large liquid crystal display. Thanks to its compact dimensions 127 x 55 x 28 mm and light weight, only 95gms, you can carry it wherever you want. Unlike other anemometers, you won't risk damaging it, as the windmaster 2 is water resistant and the rotating cup sensor is protected by a small cage. The anemometer comes with a micro fibre bag. The  cover will protect your windmaster from sun, water & scratches. We also have hard cases that offer greater protection. Click here to purchase our hard pouches for just 3,50.


Price: 79 49 NOT AVAILABLE



Skywatch Xplorer: this is the smallest lightweight (only 50 grams) pocket anemometer that you can buy. The Xplorer 1 is the simplest of the series, giving only the most important readings an anemometer has to give i.e.. current and maximum wind speed reached. The reading can be given in km/h, mph, m/s, fps and knots. The Skywatch Xplorer is a sophisticated product with a quality Swiss sensor which gives two accurate readings per second. It can measure wind speeds of up to 150km/h. The readings are given on a big backlit screen. In spite of it's dimensions (41x93x17 mm), it is a tough instrument, with stainless steel back, replaceable lithium battery and the impeller is protected to prevent damaging it. The Skywatch explorer is given with a small lanyard. Just in case you should drop it, it has been designed to withstand short term immersion in water at a dept of up to one meter. The Xplorer line is also ideal for golfers, being the most compact anemometer available on the market. If you need a device that will give you extra readings, like temperature, wind-chill effect, humidity, compass reading etc. contact us for xplorer 2; 3 and 4, all similar models, but with added features. You can also take a look at the Skywatch Meteos below.

Price: 38




Skywatch Eole: this is a different style of anemometer. The multi directional cups eliminate the need to point directly into the wind. Its polyethylene protection foam wakes it comfortable to hold. When not in use, the cap, protects the rotatory cups, the Eole also floats. Readings for wind speed can be given in km/h, mph, knots, bft and m/s you can easily change from one unit to another. The aluminium base with a thread allows its mount on a camera tripod (not included). The large screen is also illuminated. The eole weighs 235 g, dimetions 65mm x 155mm .

Price: 69



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