With our patches, you do not have to waste time, and ruin a good session because of a burst bladder. We recommend that you always carry these patches with you.


With this repair kit, you can fix any holes or tears in your bladders. Normal repair kits supplied with kites, are only good for pinholes and are useless when trying to repair a bigger tear. These repair patches are 15cm long and 8 cm wide, and can be cut to any size and shape you want. They are auto adhesive so you do not need any glue and you do not have to wait for the glue to dry. This makes it ideal for on the spot repairs, and also for those parts of bladders that are very difficult to repair like around valves and on bladder junctions. When having big tears, most people cut pieces of broken bladders to use as patches and glue them on the damaged part. This, besides being time consuming and messy, is practically useless, and cannot be done on the spot. Others simply buy another bladder, adding unnecessary costs, considering that most bladders have to be bought as a set. Applying these patches is really simple, just cut, peel & stick. For best results, we suggest to apply them on a clean dry surface. Don't waste money in other expensive kits that include things you will never use. Here you buy only what you need.


This is a very useful product, since besides to repair your bladders, it can be used on a variety of materials; neoprene, rubber, canvas, nylon, most plastics, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane etc. so you might need it to repair a variety of other objects eg. your son's inflatable dinghy (so he can continue to play and you can continue kiting); your tent; wetsuit; sleeping bag and air mattress; luggage; your convertible's soft top etc. A wide variety of uses that makes it a must not only for your kiteboarding toys, but also for practically anything you use in everyday life.










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