Impact/flotation vest: in all water sports it is always advisable to make special attention to safety aspects. We always suggest the use of an impact jacket in high speed water sports such as kiteboarding, windsurfing, wakeboarding, jetski, waterskiing etc. This impact vest is specifically designed for kitesurfing and windsurfing, water sports where you use a harness, but can be used in all other water sports. It's key features are flexibility and lightweight, so it is very comfortable. Besides being obligatory in most beaches around the world, an impact vest protects you from violent impacts with water or hard objects on the beach (rocks; sand; walls; poles etc.) For beginners it is very helpful when trying the first waterstarts. As a beginner you will spend more time in the water. The impact jacket will give you more buoyancy, and help you waste less energy in swimming. The lower part of the jacket is thinner so that is comfortably fits under your harness. It has double velcro closure on both sides and it can be worn both with a waist or seat harness. Unique feature on this model is the system used to keep the vest from riding up. Pass the two side straps under your harness, clip the buckels and tighten. The vest will keep low, as if it was part of your harness. Even if these characteristics are specific for kite and windsurfing, the vest can be used for any other water sport. Even though the impact jacket provides extra flotation, it has to be considered a buoyancy aid (pfd) and not a life jacket.


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Mystic Harnesses: Mystic kite harnesses are by far the best on the market. The Mystic harness range offers different products for different needs, preferences, and above all, different prices. Whether you are looking for an entry level seat harness or the most advanced waist harness, mystic has the best harness in that sector. For the full features visit mystic website. Contact us for availability of sizes and for special pricing.



Firestarter Firestarter


Warrior Warrior
Warrior Warrior


Dragonshield Dragonshield Aviator


The Firestarter is the top of he range waist harness from mystic. Both the Firestarter and Warrior have the integrated handlepass system (not shown in some pictures). The PU tube has a quick release system and also serves as safety handle. Warrior, Darkrider and Dragonshield, are available as waist harness or as waist/seat version. The waist/seat version has leg straps that keep the harness from riding up. Waist/seat harnesses are becoming very popular since they offer the best characteristics of both waist and seat harnesses. For the full technical features, differences etc. vist mystickiteboarding website or contact us if you need any help in choosing the right harness and size.


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